Playing Korean version and don't want to reapply the eng patch every time?
Playing Global Version and don't know who is the best child in every category? Are you a Begginner lost in too many things or guides?
Well this ends now, with this search engine you will be able to find any child you want with few simple clicks on the buttons, then when you find him/her, hover on with your mouse to show a preview or click on him/her to show the details!
You can even sort the childs by Official or User Voted Tier Rank for every category and see who (of your own) is better and where!
In details you will be able to see the Official tier of the child and to vote him/her by your own experience!
On top, you will find buttons to navigate to the Destiny Child Korean or Global version (if you have the english game) and if you have doubts or need help/guides you can check the Info&Link or Chat&Support page.

The Advanced search is meant only for experienced people, because you have to know child names or how the skills are described to find the specific words.

This site is easily navigable from mobile too so don't be scared to try.

Last thing, this site is intended to give people a better chance to know what they have on hand and what they can use on Raids/Wordbosses/Ragnas but to put together all this info it requires a lot of efforts and time so only the 5 Stars child are searchable in detail, 4 stars and 3 stars are searchable only by Stars, Element and Role.

Hope you will find this useful and if it will be, please share this site with your friend playing the game and consider to donate something for it's improvement.