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Advanced Search Guide:

Here you can search for: Child name, Skills and everything wrote in child description (Tap/Slide/Drive/Leader). You can use " " to define a better specific search. For example:
1) We want to search for a child that stuns 2 enemies, the best way is write this: "2 enemies" stun
With this you get 5 cards, and 4 of them stuns 2 enemies with slide; and 1 stun 3 enemies with drive. The use of " " make you search only consecutive words.
2) We want to search for an attacker child that attacks 2 times two enemies with ignore defence, the best way is: attacker ignore defence "damage 2 times" "to 2 enemies"
The use of Advanced search require the knowledge of how the skills are described so if you are new we suggest to use the buttons above the search bar.

Useful Links

Official Discord Community: Here

KR Worldboss Guide and Tier List: Here
GL Worldboss Guide Here
Messy Global tier list Here
Guide for KOREAN server: Here
Guide for JAPAN server: Here
Guide for GLOBAL server: Here
Regular, Raid and Pvp Tier List Guide: Here
Fodder list 4 stars: (for Korean version) Here
Fodder list 3 stars: (for Korean version) Here
Fodder list 4 stars: (for Global version) Here
Fodder list 3 stars: (for Global version) Here
Item List Global Vers: Here
Events until now to find a pattern: Here

Awesome Catalog of all live 2d animations of the game! (Works fine only with Chrome for now so don't use Firefox) Here

HD Wallpapers of: Backgrounds, Childs and Soul Cards!!! here.

Game link: Global Here - Korean Here - Alternative Korean Here

Uncensor patch: for global ver by reddit community here.

Game translations: Join Discord server and in the channel #Command-Spam type .bananas for Korean to English or .afrom for Japanese to English. Many thx to TinyBanana and Afrom for this awesome contribute.
Or install this app and patch the game automatically from it:Here

If for some reason you can't download the updated one on discord,
You can download a older KRtoEN translation (08/01/2019):Here
Just place it in:
Android: 0/android/data/com.stairs.destinychild/files
iOS: /var/mobile/containers/data/application/*/library/caches

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